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Monica Floyd

Gettin’ kitty with it: Talking with actor Jackson Webber about his role in ‘Pete the Cat’ musical
‘Being a part of the Savannah community now and investing in the kids who come through this door is amazing’

Heather MacRae

A Q&A with Telfair curators on William O. Golding exhibition, on display now at the Jepson
‘I think we are beginning to see more attention paid to twentieth-century African American artists like Golding who were marginalized in their day due to race or circumstance and left out of the canon of western art’

Jessica Farthing

Late summer drinks for the whole crowd
We compiled a list of late summer offerings for everyone in the crowd, those that drink and those that don’t

Timothy Burger

Pride 2022: Queer Savannah, an oasis in the deep South with miles to go
Our pride isn’t only in June, after which corporations and business will delete the ‘show your pride’ options from social media pages—our pride is steeped in legacy

Adriana Longoria

Ink for our Rights: Local tattoo shops stand up against the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade
‘I think it’s cool too because tattooers in Savannah are mainly men and all these guys are standing up and saying fuck this’

Jesús Costilla

Dream states and escapism: Triathalon comes home to play Aug. 28 at Lodge of Sorrows
The band has come a long way and the hard work put into their new record is clear to see and hear

Lila Miller

The Drive-Thru of Savannahian Delights: Two artists reimagine the beautiful city with a dirty face
Their work pays tribute to Savannah in a hyper-local homage to Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’

Rosie Kiely

All My Friends Are Here: Railey Cooley talks art in Savannah
‘I was accustomed to painting animals that are our pets. And this was an incredibly wild, bold, fierce, sexy, new kind of animal’

Norah Godbee

Tales of Bartenders Past: Richie Krauss of The Jinx
‘Over the years I started to appreciate more and more what the bar meant to local and regional musicians and artists’

Mia Jones

Savannah Philharmonic is ‘Phil’-ing the neighborhoods with music this fall
Savannah Philharmonic aims to provide something for all members of our community

Kristina Ilse Vetter

Opening night approaches for ‘Quilters’
‘Quilters’ is a story of immigration, transformation, and community

Kiki Dy

Jazz City: Celebrating Savannah’s original sound
Featuring over 48 icons of Savannah’s jazz history, the exhibit is positioned to catalyze Savannah’s jazz renaissance further

Emily Waller

A Son of the South: How a childhood in Savannah shaped Clarence Thomas’ patriarchal vision for America
The refrain of Thomas’ jurisprudence as well as his voice in the public square harkens back time and again to his childhood in Savannah, to the austerity of his grandfather, and to the particular vision of masculinity he represented.

Warren Arbury

Pee-stained pimento cheese (on cobblestone streets)
You can buy this entire city brick by brick and sell it all, but you can never take away that passion, that energy. It’s beyond anything money can buy.

Max W. Miller

Kingston’s First Crabbing: A delightful event of generational bonding, Coastal-style
Blue crabs are a Southern signature cuisine in the Savannah area and are found throughout the Atlantic and Gulf coasts

Emily Dietrich

A Q&A with Nina Altschiller, president of the League of Women Voters of Coastal Georgia
‘There are a lot of people who could vote but don’t. That was my impetus for becoming involved’

Kat Montgomery

A Long-Winded Inquiry into Starland Short-Term Rentals
A quick search of available Airbnbs in Savannah boasts over a thousand STVRs, ranging from one-bedrooms to full homes advertised as party houses for the perfect bachelorette weekend.

Sophia Morekis

Impending Doom brings California deathcore to AURA Fest
Hearing from fans who have been on the brink of suicide and the band’s music helping them has meant more to Impending Doom than hitting any metal charts

Denise Korn

Impending Doom brings California deathcore to AURA Fest
Hearing from fans who have been on the brink of suicide and the band’s music helping them has meant more to Impending Doom than hitting any metal charts

Justin Glawe

Opinion: Chatham County voters got lucky with Heimes’ win Tuesday
The problem in 2022, however, is that any problem is an indication that someone, somewhere is suppressing your vote

Karen Grainey

Opinion: Why a bill expediting private ownership of Georgia’s salt marsh is a bad idea
‘Passing this bill would hamper the State’s ability to employ necessary due diligence in evaluating claims affecting public trust lands, thus increasing the likelihood of dubious claims succeeding’

Lauren Ball

Savannah Stopover Genre Guide 2022
Your guide on what you’ll hear, and when

David Kyler

Opinion: Perdue appointment staggeringly irresponsible
‘Empowering such a blatantly subversive individual as guardian of Georgia’s university system directly contradicts, and sabotages, the ideals of higher education’

Maeve Browne

Knead to Know: Common Thread’s Chef Joseph Harrison is February’s guest chef at Thompson Savannah
Common Thread’s Chef Joseph Harrison has been working hands-on with the Bar Julian team, creating a signature clam pie that will be sold the entire month of February

Isabel Brennan

Opinion: Kessler’s trophy room, the Baobab Lounge
This lack of rage is emblematic of the Savannah tourist’s lack of need for respectable cultural representations

Kyle Law

Why I love bartending
You get to learn this cocktail’s story and help tell it. It is such an underrated and unique feeling of satisfaction.

GeorgAnna Wiley

Let’s Talk About Sex with GeorgAnna Wiley
The first in a series of our new sex column

Jane Ogle

Opinion: Long may the Rock ‘N’ Roll run in our yard
Jane Ogle offers her perspective on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

Kris Cook

Policy and Prejudice: The life of a transgender youth lost
News, culture, art, and activism in Savannah, GA

Tatiana von Tauber

5 Questions with Alan Kindler
‘Art is mangled in the machinery of the market’

Kristy Edenfield

The multigenerational fight behind Saturday’s Women’s March
‘It is infuriating that we would even have to continue to fight for women’s rights. These recent laws are a movement to have women barefoot, pregnant, and silent. If they control our uterus, what else are they going to want to control?’

Kendrick Banks

Kendrick Banks: ‘We’re working on it’
‘When the school board took over transportation, they did not consider how much of an impact it would have on the staff’

Devin McGrath

Strike two: School transportation workers hold second strike in effort for financial security and dignity
School bus drivers say their demands for financial security and safety are not being met by the district

Deidrick Cody

CAT Board Chair Deidrick Cody: ‘We are bigger than this’
Chatham Area Transit Authority Chair Deidrick Cody contributes an op-ed calling for board unity

Ashton Greene

Cosmic Carmen: Creativity, spirituality and healing
A chat with Carmen Laura Loup, a prolific artist, writer and entrepreneur here in Savannah.

Lindsey Grovenstein

A brief history of West Savannah and why it matters
The proposed Salvation Army shelter isn’t the first development this community has had to face. Zoning and other policy decisions have historically been used to negatively impact neighborhoods like Hudson Hill, West Savannah, and Woodville.

Mimi Vaquer

Memories, Ardsley Station, and the corners of my mind
I can remember when the Savannah restaurant landscape was a mere pup compared to the wolf she is now. There weren’t many options for a gourmet night on the town, and the idea of anybody being a “foodie” or an oenophile wasn’t recognizable in the way we understand those roles today.

Jordan Treadaway

Is this the end of hospitality as we know it?
Jordan explains her exit from the hospitality industry and offers advice for business owners on how to save it.

Luis Zaldivar

The Colombia crisis, explained
What’s behind the national strike in Colombia, and what does this mean for Latin American politics?

Paulita Bennett-Martin

In memoriam for North Atlantic right whales lost this season, with hope for future recovery
Research shows that for the whale population to recover, this species can only sustain losing 0.8 animals per year—that’s less than 1. Sadly, collisions with vessels and entanglements in fishing gear decimate these whales.

Joni Saxton-Giusti

The Book Lady Bookstore’s Spring Good-News-For-a-Change Recommended Book List
News, culture, art, and activism in Savannah, GA

Tamara Garvey

Savannah Stories: Veronica Garcia-Melendez, Willie Smith, and Melissa Taylor
This week’s Savannah Stories, told by guest contributor Tamara Garvey.

Brittany Curry

InkyBrittany: The Day the Devil Won in Georgia
This week, Brittany Curry illustrates the SB 202, the voter suppression bill.

Jim Reed

Memories of The Bayou Cafe: An oral history
“That place was real. It had a real vibe that formed over a long period of time. You can’t just come in, throw a lot of money down and then think you can capture that kind of atmosphere in a new place. That place had the funk of 30 crazy years.”