The Savannahian is a digital alt weekly that covers issues important to Savannah by giving a voice to the people who inhabit it. We’re passionate about the people who make our community what it is, and we want to give a voice to those people, especially those generally marginalized by other media.

The Savannahian was founded in 2020 by Jim Morekis, Rachael Flora and Sean Kelly. With decades of combined experience in journalism and within the city itself, we serve as institutional memory for a city that’s rapidly changing, and we aim to be a trusted source on and advocate for Savannah’s grassroots culture and civic identity. We seek to fill a widening gap in credible journalistic coverage of the local market during a time of media collapse and consolidation. We will strive to be a true and faithful destination for journalism in Savannah, including in-depth investigative pieces on issues that deserve attention and by creating a strong roster of writers that help tell the real stories of Savannah.

We are passionate about maintaining journalistic integrity and independence, so The Savannahian will never sell ads or accept investors. We believe that good journalism is worth paying for, so our content is accessible for just $5 a month. We also accept donations that go towards paying our writers and podcast hosts, as well as keeping our online presence live.

During a time of shrinking media resources, increasing media consolidation, and decreasing trust in the media, The Savannahian Publishing, Inc. serves as a credible, trustworthy, and wholly locally-operated venture.

The Savannahian is a product of The Savannahian Publishing, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization. We seek to create and support accessible journalism, and we strive to be an indispensable source of local news for people who care about the city’s identity.