WE'VE GOT some great news this week! As we continue to expand the publication and the overall Savannahian brand, we've been trying to figure out a way to highlight more events throughout Savannah in a more feasible way.

With that in mind, we're proud to be launching an events submission page, where you can submit your show or event to be featured in either an article or a new, weekly roundup of event highlights that we'll be launching once submissions start coming in.

The process is simple! Just fill out the form on the Live Music & Events Submission page and it'll be sent to us. If we're interested in doing a story on your event, we'll be in touch. If we want to feature it in the roundup, check back the week prior to the event to see if it has made it in.

It goes without saying, but we won't always be able to feature every single event in our roundup or do a story, due to the sheer amount of things happening in Savannah every week. But we'll always do our best to feature as much of what's going on in Savannah as possible!

We're so excited to launch this feature, and can't wait to be able to promote more of the amazing things happening in our city.