The Savannahian is proud to present its first-ever zine!

Featuring 28 local contributors and plenty of visual art and creative writing, the zine seeks to discover "the real Savannah." You'll find takes on gentrification, odes to our city, and a few Savannah landmarks (hello, Moodright's cow), but most importantly you'll find a lot of love for our town.

Many thanks to our editor Rosie Kiely, one of our writers who has spearheaded this process from pitch to production, and to each of our contributors, listed here in order of appearance: Carli Thompson, Mary Margaret Cozart, Kody Salzburn, Lindsey Grovenstein, McKenzie Smith, Carly Lieberman, Daknee, Scott Grove, Maddie Marks, Phil Musen, Chris Moss, Justice Von Maur, Megan Alyse, Calder Robinson, Java, Zach Machado, Joseph Schwartzburt, St. Shaffer, The Sober Savannahian, Maddie Greer, Meagan English, Kathleen O'Sullivan, Enocha Edenfield, Savannah Valentine, Nikki Warner, Nikki Zuaro, Liam Higgins and Cecilia Trella.