BY THE time you read this, early voting will have begun for the Savannah City Council election. With Election Day on November 7 this year, voters have three weeks to cast their ballots to determine who represents their district and their city.

Here at The Savannahian, we've been covering this election for a while, first with our City Council Race Tracker Map and then with our extensive candidate interviews.

Our writers Brian, Nell, Emily, Kendra and AJ have been putting in the work to speak to each candidate, and our artists Jenn, Marsalis, Amanda, Syd and Laura have created unique art to accompany just about every story.

Now, it's time to vote! We've put together this voter guide to consolidate all our resources and to share information with you on how and when to vote—and why.

How do I vote?

Early voting begins October 16 and ends November 3. During this time, you can vote at any precinct at any time; no reason is required to vote early.

Early Voting by Rachael Flora on Scribd

If you prefer to vote on the big day, you'll need to check your polling place, which you can do easily at

What am I voting for?

This election is for Savannah's municipal government, which includes the Mayor, two At-Large positions, and six district aldermen. The Mayor and the two At-Large positions are elected citywide; the other six aldermen are elected by district.

Aldermanic Districts by Rachael Flora on Scribd

The City Council is responsible for levying taxes and ordinances, adopting the annual budget, and appointing the City Manager, who carries out the policies and programs established by Council, recommends the annual budget and work programs, appoints bureau and department heads, and exercises general supervision and control over all City employees.

Savannah uses a council/manager form of government, which means the City Manager and Council hold slightly more power than the Mayor, who is mostly a figurehead but does have voting power.