By Lauren Ball

THE 2022 iteration of Savannah Stopover is near! This year, the festival skips the bar-crawling street party in favor of a two-day shindig at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. That means less pressure for choreographing the perfect Stopover experience (remember sprinting from El Rocko to Club One?), which gives you more time to fully soak in the sounds you want to hear. And here, we've done the legwork of sorting the sounds for you. Behold: the all-inclusive Genre Guide.

Been Stellar. 

Sounds like: The Strokes traded in their characteristic mid-2000s irony for a healthy dose of 2020s angst/the indiest of indie rock

Been Stellar - 3/12, 6pm

Dead Tooth - 3/12, 5pm

Surfbort - 3/11, 9pm

Gustaf - 3/12, 7pm

Lo Talker. 

Sounds like: Optimistic poolside indie with miles of spunk

Nordista Freeze - 3/12, 7pm

Lo Talker - 3/11, 5pm

Crumbsnatchers - 3/12, 2pm

Superhorse - 3/10, 9pm

Reverend Bro Diddley and the Hips - 3/10, 7pm

Pylon Reenactment Society.

Sounds like: An underground Athens club in 1983/ History being made / Classic post-punk

Pylon Reenactment Society - 3/12, 9pm

Peel Dream Magazine.

Sounds like: Stereolab returned to their perfect mid-90s yé-yé phase/ Hallucinatory cloud pop

Peel Dream Magazine - 3/12, 3pm

American Aquarium.

Sounds like:  Will probably soundtrack a Super Bowl commercial within the next 3 years/ modern folk-infused almost-country

Cece Coakley - 3/11, 9pm

Ceramic Animal - 3/12, 4pm

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers - 3/11, 9pm

American Aquarium - 3/11, 11pm

The Bones of J.R. Jones - 3/11, 7pm

Sam Burchfield - 3/11, 8pm

Lyn Avenue - 3/11, 4pm

Chipper Bones.

Sounds like: A Saturday afternoon with nothing to do/ Southern garage rock

Silver Synthetic - 3/11, 5pm

Chipper Bones - 3/12, 8pm

Buffalo Nichols. 

Sounds like: Bob Dylan-inspired front porch music/ Sensitive folk

Tre Burt - 3/12, 9pm

Buffalo Nichols - 3/12, 5pm

Christopher Paul Stelling - 3/11, 6pm

Quinn Christopherson. 

Sounds like: Post-breakup roadtrip music/momentous airy dream pop

Fauvely - 3/12, 9pm

Kristine Leschper (for fans of Jenny Hval) - 3/12, 9pm

Quinn Christopherson - 3/12, 3pm

Hotel Fiction - 3/12, 2pm

Soccer Mommy. 

Sounds like: Our favorite bedroom poppers of the 2010s but without the self esteem issues/ Bedroom pop without the 4-track static

Boyish - 3/12, 4pm

Soccer Mommy - 3/12, 11pm

Weakened Friends - 3/12, 3pm

Basically Nancy - 3/11, 7pm


Sounds like: Pleasantly confusing dance tracks that belong to the future/ Electronic party pop

Locate S,1 - 3/11, 4pm

SASAMI - 3/11, 8pm

Glove - 3/11, 6pm

Daniel Donato.

Sounds like: Trippy upbeat desert funk with country undertones

Boulevards - 3/12, 6pm

Daniel Donato - 3/11, 9pm

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band - 3/11, 11pm

Anjimile - 3/12, 7pm

Pony Bradshaw - 3/11, 7pm

Little Gracie - 3/11, 5pm


Sounds like: Your cathartic answer to avoiding road rage/ Sludge metal/ Post-grunge

Bastardane, 3/12, 5pm

We Were Promised Jetpacks.

Sounds like: Was absolutely on your iPod Classic in 2010/ Nostalgic indie

We Were Promised Jetpacks - 3/12, 10pm

of Montreal - 3/11, 10pm

Tall Tall Trees - 3/12, 11pm